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The Explorer's mind

The Performance Explorer’s Mindset

We are the most complex and adaptable “systems” ever observed… Each of us is imbued with un-measurable capacities and capable of extraordinary feats – glued together with human consciousness.

Our unique ability to surpass expected performance level in a non-linear way is not just happenstance – the conditions for this type of quantum performance gain can be reliably created with sufficient attention, energy, the correct approach and trust in our inherent capacity to go beyond our known limits.

Zero-G performance programs and consulting services are build on this axiom. By working from the standpoint that the quantum performance experience is available to everyone our objective is to uncover its unique expression in each person.

zero-G Performance philosophy

Our approach

  • Engaging performance with an explorer’s mindset
  • Growth in performance is a reflection of increased awareness and applied understanding of one’s unique “performance dynamics”
  • Integration of our entire capabilities in real time, forms a foundation for expressing mastery….
  • The ability to successfully operate at full capacity in the face of competition, negative feedback, internal and external pressure and/or chaotic situations – is the essence of personal resilience –
  • Resilience – is the most essential and valuable of all performance factors.

Effectively uncovering one’s full potential requires an explorer’s mindset – for both the athlete and coach. Approaching performance in this way allows for unimpeded exploration of our ultimate capabilities and creates the conditions for improved (mind-body) integration, or an optimal coaching relationship – the doorway to creative performance, the flow state and beyond…

By engaging the process in explorer mode, self generated “boundaries and limitations” dissolve – the singular focus on success is displaced in the present moment by curiosity, attention to detail of action and quality of mind.

It is through the integration of all aspects of our physical, mental and creative talents that allows for sustainable performance that is more than the sum of the parts.

Whether you’re a recreational, competitive or Olympic athlete the same principles of action apply.

  • Passion for your chosen discipline
  • Capacity to do the all the work required
  • Curiosity to be a student of your discipline
  • Willingness to take the actions required in spite of the difficulty
  • Patience to let the work you’ve done, “work”
  • Trust in the entire process

Coaching areas

We have coached and consulted with a wide range of people committed to improving the athletic performance, professional productivity, creative process and academic efficiency. In all cases we address improving work-life integration as it provides the most sustainable personal performance and health.

Our coaching services have been utilized in these areas: Technical Coach, Physical Performance, Cognitive Performance, Restoration & Recovery, Sleep, Health Well-being, and Work-Life Integration.

Athletic Disciplines Coaching – (Levels Coached)

  • Rock Climbing – Beginner > Elite Pro
  • Sport/Competition Climbing Beginner > Elite Pro
  • Cycling Road – Beginner > Elite
  • Mountain bike – Elite Pro
  • Touring Cycling – Recreation
  • Alpine Climbing – Elite Pro
  • Swimming – Elite
  • Ballet – Elite Pro

Performance Development – Consulting

We have applied zero-G Performance Dynamix in these areas and levels:

  • Golf – Professional
  • Sport Climbing – Elite Professional
  • Swimming – Elite
  • Body Work / Therapists – Professional
  • Nutritional Formulas – Professional
  • Creative Performance – Professional
  • Creatives – Professional
  • Business Executive – Professional / Executive
  • Product Design – Professional


Curriculum / Programs – design/delivery

Ability and Age Scope

In our philosophy, relative ability and age are addressed only as factors in the overall picture, and not limitations to what is possible.

  • We have worked with all levels of skill and experience from outright beginners to world elite athletes.
  • We have also worked with people of all ages from single digits to septuagenarians.

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