Performance Dynamix | How and Why

In today’s world, information, data, along with resulting analytics and conclusions are abundantly available with only a web search. While it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can to improve your performance – general training knowledge can serve as a foundation from which to grow as one gains experience however – many have found themselves lost, somewhere along the way, on the “nightmare plateau” of a training program! For the committed practitioner, theoretical training formulas and schedules cannot supplant real-time consultation that addresses the dynamic nature of our daily life.

We are the most complex and sophisticated “systems” in our known universe! And, we improve most when our training most effectivity matches the performance event. PDx’s programs address this fact – whether it be specific muscular endurance to the best brain frequency – the ever changing “training environment” that life is. This myriad of factors are your specific “performance dynamics”… the formula improve and refine these dynamics.

PDx’s fundamental philosophy – to train you to be self-reliant in every aspect in the delivery of your own performance – all the while becoming fitter, stronger and more technically capable. The successful outcome the coalescence of all these factors, produces non-linear performance results – the Holy Grail in the search for ultimate performance.

By addressing the entire scope of performance factors PDx helps people gain access to the often elusive experience of confidence in one’s ability and the inner resilience to effectively manage ourselves when under pressure.

PDx programs address all of the foundational elements needed to improve one’s performance however our attention is placed in the areas that are hardest to quantify but make the most difference in overall performance or the gap that a prescribed training schedule cannot address. Our attention is focused on making you smarter and more adept at your given discipline rather than just stronger or fitter. By engaging the process in this way you will become more capable physically but also gain insight into the way you in particular learn and improve.

As PDx programs are designed to engender “performance integration” – it is the active Integration of capabilities that produces nonlinear performance results, the Holy Grail for every person striving to push their known limits. The added life benefit – this same principle, understand and resulting self-awareness can be applied to any situation or task in life.

If you’ve reached a plateau, are feeling stuck and you know there is a whole new level of performance somewhere “in there” – if you want to address the whole performance picture, you are in the perfect place to change your trajectory.




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