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Engaging the Power of the Mind in Performance

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Approaching any endeavor from an “outcome only” standpoint, narrows the perceptual field,  shapes the quality of experience and limits the resulting performance output.

Our approach is to employ an explorer’s mindset as a context through which to engage the performance process.

By exploring how we apply ourselves mentally across our preparation, training and competition, rather than addressing the content, we’re afforded insight into the mechanics of our own unique process.

This exploration introduces a new and essential element into the training environment for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential, mastery

In promoting each trainee’s capacity to develop personal mastery, we address fundamental characteristics present in all elite performers – curiosity, capacity to “learn for performance”, quality of attention, willingness to endure and a disregard for apparent personal limitations.

As each trainee gains better understanding of their own unique “learning formula”, they develop their own individual “cognitive performance” toolkit.

As we work to develop these mental capacities with each athlete, a natural by-product is an increased personal resilience, perhaps the defining element in those that have achieved a level of personal mastery with their craft.


[P|Dx] Performance Explorer – Athlete Programs

Performance Explorer programs are a synthesis of elements:

  • athlete development
  • coaching methods
  • training and competition approach
  • athlete and team objectives

We apply the P|Dx “explorers mind” philosophy in a group or team setting by integrating with existing team culture and function.

P|Dx Program Design

P|Dx does not offer any pre-scribed programing. Each program is created as a customized response to a team/coach’s request and moves forward in direct response to live interactions with athletes and coaches based in the Performance Explorer context.

Developing a Performance Explorers mindset is non-specific – it can be applied by people of all ages, of any skill level and in any athletic or professional discipline career.

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