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Hydration – It’s Essential!

Water – it covers most of the earth (71%) and comprises the majority of our bodies, (~65%) in an adult. Water is the engine of all life and in humans being correctly hydrated is essential for maintaining health and vitality.  We can live for weeks without food but can...

Beauty in Everyday Objects - attention as a source of creativity

Although the tagline cites that Tilda Shalof a nurse from Toronto General Hospital re-purposed medical waste into art, I saw something else. …She alone has kept 100’s of thousands of little plastic pieces out of the landfill and out of the oceans – which is huge!  

However, what is most interesting and compelling to me is how she started collecting the items…

Natural Immunity Boosters

Natural Immunity Boosters - Winter 2016-17 This mini-guide offers effective dietary additive - immune support methods. By adding these health promoting, organic solutions to your diet daily, they boost and/or maintain immune function - especially helpful during winter...




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