Natural Immunity Boosters – Winter 2016-17

This mini-guide offers effective dietary additive – immune support methods. By adding these health promoting, organic solutions to your diet daily, they boost and/or maintain immune function – especially helpful during winter months. When used daily (works best) the positive effects on the immune system begins with first consumption and are cumulative over time.1 With consistent use it is possible to eventually leave the days of the “common cold” behind.

As well as building immunity these compounds also have a general normalizing effect on a number of key systems e.g. gut, blood pressure/cholesterol as well as a myriad of overall health benefits.

To get the benefits available and activate your natural immunity – apply any of these simple methods daily.
The Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report (ending December 24, 2016)2 , shows every state in the nation with a raised incidence of flu cases. There has seen an uptick in the stomach related “bugs” over this winter season.

Dietary Immune Boosters

Apple Cider Vinegar & Garlic

These compounds can be taken at different dosages for specific benefit depending on the situation.
Acute situations – when you feel like you are “fighting” a bug before it takes hold – stop the bug by boosting you immunity immediately
Fortifying – to boost immunity BEFORE going into an environment with higher possibility of contact i.e. before travelling, visiting crowded events, getting a short night’s sleep, and stressful situations.
Health Maintenance – practiced each day, taken at a lower “maintenance” dosage. Taken this way health and life performance benefits are cumulative over time with great benefit.

These organic plant based health promoting methods have stood the test of time, thousands of years and millions of people and may still be the most effective long term solutions to expressing our full health and immunity.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those widely used yet relatively unobtrusive organic “medicinal foods” with a history dating back 12,00 years and prescribed by Hippocrates in 400 BC for combating coughs, colds, and a variety of maladies. History has proven its worth as it’s still used widely today across cultures as a health maintenance compound.

When taken in correct concentration it also will effectively derail the common colds/viruses from the moment of ingestion. Apple cider vinegar helps to normalize body ph. returning you to a more alkaline state – optimal for immunity and health.

What to use:
Use an organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar – e.g. Bragg’s


  • Acute: mix 20-25% cider in water (8oz). (the stronger the solution the more effective the dose in acute situations)
  • Fortifying: 2-3 tablespoons in 8oz water
  • Daily maintenance: 1 tablespoon (or to taste) in 8oz water – daily

Note: the correct dose for you, for that day, will taste almost sweet

Take it when? Easiest good practice – take first thing in the morning.


Garlic is perhaps the most effective and health promoting anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal – curative (vegetable) compound and is easily available and affordable. Garlic’s origin in Siberia, the earth’s incubator environment for producing the “king” plants of their species. Garlic’s list of specific benefits is long and has been widely used across global cultures for 5000 years.

So marked was its benefit for attaining maximum health it was prescribed for the original Greek Olympians nearly 3000 years ago, to improve performance, and so became the first safe and natural performance enhancement compound used by Olympic athletes and is still used today.

The benefits of garlic are numerous and can be found easily. We will address how garlic can be taken in a variety of ways to health manage and improve overall health. We have seen raw garlic taken in the “acute” dosage, stop colds and stomach bugs dead in their tracks.

Preparation: (Raw garlic – cloves)
1. Chop finely or use a garlic press to crush
2. Allow to site for 15 minutes at room temperature for enzymes to activate

How to take:
ALWAYS take with food.
DO NOT CHEW – the potency of raw garlic is sufficient to “burn” similarly to hot sauce.
If you dice, chop garlic very finely – so it’s easily swallowed. Take a number of teaspoon-size portions suspended in juice.
Do NOT COOK this garlic
Dosage guide:

  • Acute – 2 – 4 cloves, to ward off or curb a cold or stomach bug ~twice a day
  • Fortifying – 1 large or 2 small cloves before the event
  • Maintenance – 1 small clove per day with food

Alternatives to raw garlic:
Various Garlic Capsules are a good alternative – though not as effective as the raw version.
– Garlic Oil Gel Caps – are best
The Odorless variety though not as potent as raw works for those wishing to avoid odor
– Odorless capsules e.g. Kyolic Brand
*Take as recommended on the label

Notes on taking Garlic:
Not only is garlic unique in its curative abilities it is also distinct in the way we metabolize it. Eating garlic will also mean that you will express the garlic smell for a period afterward. Because of the odor, some people may not want to take garlic on a daily basis, however, garlic is excellent in acute and fortifying situations.

While you cannot “get rid of” the odor of having eaten garlic, you can effectively minimize the odor such that its many health benefits may be worth using as needed.

How you can minimize odor:

  • Eat raw Parsley, suck on a lemon wedge
  • Drink Green or Peppermint tea during /after eating
  • Chew Sugar free gum


  • Brush teeth or use mouthwash
  • Shower – scrub skin thoroughly
  • Use odorless capsules

Additional Immune Support:

  • Sleep – research now shows it is impossible to have optimal immune or cognitive function without sufficient quality sleep.
  • If you are feeling rundown or like you are “fighting off” a cold …TAKE A NAP or get to BED EARLY. Sleep also has an immediate benefit on immunity.
  • Brain Sugar’s Smart Audio™ program 30 minute “CatNap” or “Sleep Deep” programs are designed specifically for this.

Additional Information: Apple Cider3, Garlic Raw4

Disclaimer: The content presented is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions about your medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice or treatment because of something you have read here.


  1. The author – a performance consultant, professional rock climber and world traveler: now has more than 20 years free of all cold and flu since implementing these methods in the early 1990’s to resolve a debilitating case chronic fatigue/Epstein Barre.
  2. CDC US Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report 12-24-16

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